Our Principles

Our Principles


The policy of the Practice entails the provision of cost estimation in relation to the services to be provided and the time-frame for the completion, upon the client’s request. This way you will know in advance the time required and the cost for the services to be offered so that you do not encounter any surprises when you receive your invoice. We are very transparent with our terms and conditions of services in order to ensure you will have a pleasant and satisfactory experience with us.


The Practice is firm on the principle of integrity which is observed at each stage of our communication with the clients, from the initial inquiry to the performance of the services and the completion of the assignment. This implies that we will explain in detail your options, the consequences of each option, the cost-to-benefit of each option and the possibilities of success in each case, giving you the opportunity to make an informed choice about the course of action to be followed.


Our utmost aim is to provide our services in the most professional way, which is translated into being courteous and respectful to each client, being knowledgeable and up-to-date with current legislation in national as well as international level, being resourceful and direct with the client and demonstrating the required level of diligence in the handling of our clients’ cases. We strongly believe that our professionalism as well as the other principles applied in the provision of our services are the cornerstone on which the trust we receive from our clients and associates is based.


The Practice stands firm on maintaining confidentiality of all the information received or being disclosed to us in the course of advising or interacting with out clients or potential clients and  we observe a confidentiality and non-disclosure policy with all of its employees, representatives, associates or other parties having access in our records.

No Conflict of Interest

We take all reasonable measures in order to prevent any conflict of interest whether between clients or between the Practice and its clients. It is our policy not to engage in or undertake cases of clients if a conflict of interest is inherent or contingent.


During our interaction with you we will request all necessary information and supporting documents as required by any applicable law or regulation for the provision of our services to you.  We are obliged by law to observe an Anti-Money Laundering and Data Protection Policy and the procedures provided thereby are implemented without any exceptions. We are supervised and regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association and we observe and abide by the rules of conduct imposed by the applicable laws and regulations applied to legal professionals in Cyprus.