Our Services

Immovable Property Law

As your appointed lawyer we may assist you with the smooth and carefully planned and executed real estate transaction whether you are selling or purchasing or planning the construction/development of a property. Our services include the provision of information on the conveyancing procedure, information on the costs and taxes involved, conducting a Due Diligence Investigation of the title of the property in question, and/or the solvency and/or regulatory compliance of the potential seller/purchaser/developer or construction company, drafting and reviewing of contractual documents and preparing any necessary supporting documents such as specific powers of attorney. We also offer representation before the relevant authorities, such as the Stamp Duty Office and the Land Registry Office for lodging the sale agreement and transfer forms and following up on the completion of your transaction.

We will guide you every step of the way in order to mitigate any possible risks and achieve the desired result in the most cost-efficient manner and necessary safeguards. For this purpose, we shall introduce you to our trusted associates who can provide you with technical advice and review the available architectural plans and technical specifications or produce a technical study or market evaluation of the proposed property or project in order for you to have a complete picture of the proposed investment and form an educated opinion on the way forward. At all times we shall be acting under your instructions and keep you informed in a timely manner for every stage of the procedure aiming at alleviating you from all the stress and inconvenience that may occur.

We can also assist you with the procedures of obtaining a finance facility from a credit institution by representing you before the credit institution, negotiating the terms of your facility, reviewing the contractual documents, and providing advice as to the legal aspects concerned.

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